CA Inter Cost, FM ECO and EIS SM combo

CA Inter Cost, FM ECO and EIS SM combo


Course Features

  • Lectures : 230 Lectures and 400 Hours

Key Areas Specification
Watch demo Cost - , FM Eco - , EIS SM -
No. of lectures 230 lectures (Cost - 83, FM Eco - 82, EIS SM - 65)
Course duration 400 hours
Validity 10 months from the date of activation
Views 1.5 times (You can view each video 1.5 times. Eg - A video of 2 hours can be watched for a total of 3 hours)
Package contents 5 exhaustive multicoloured books including theory portion (Cost - 1, FM Eco - 2, EIS SM - 2) (holistic coverage of ICAI material)
Video language Hindi + English mix
Doubt solving medium Via telegram (You will be added to our group and provided with sir's number after enrolling, so your doubts will be answered directly via telegram)
Installation and technical support Instant support through email or call
Applicable for May-22 / Nov-22 and onwards
Dispatch details Within 1 working day of placing order